Smart tools
Smoke gun

The smoke gun makes it easy to find leaks in your ventilation system. It is also very good for demonstrating air flows, for example when controlling that your kitchen fan works as it should. The smoke from the smoke gun is not hazardous and the smoke gun only dispenses smoke when the trigger is pulled. It is fueled with oil that is very easy to refill.

Pica Pen

Pen for marking on most surfaces/materials – also when dirty, wet or oily.

From shiny surfaces the marking can simply be wiped of with a damp cloth or alike.

A 6,5 mm thin and 40 mm long tip of stainless steel makes it easy to mark in narrow spaces, e.g. deep holes for screws in consoles.

A solid 2,8 mm fat lead is fed with a push of the thumb.

A sharpener for the lead is integrated in the sheeth.

A solid, protective sheath with a sturdy clip makes for a simple and secure fastening to a pocket.

A bright flourescentish green colour of the sheeth with a high visability makes it easy to find the pen should it be mislaid or dropped.

Joining aid tool

A helping tool to join rectangular ducts and fittings.
The tool is clamped on to the already mounted product.
The tool carries the unmounted product’s one end so you don’t have to hold it yourself and also it guides the unmounted product in place so that the joining profiles are located at right position close to each other.

The tool only works at horizontal duct runnings.

NOTE! The tool only works with products equipped with joining profiles type LS.

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