About GPS

The GPS-iMOD is a modular needlepoint bipolar ionization (NPBI®) system that is field assembled to any length up to 240 inches in 6-inch increments. The composite and carbon fiber GPS-iMOD can be mounted in corrosive environments and handles 50–250 CFM per inch of bar.

  • > 840 Million Ions/cc per 6 Inches of Bar

  • Universal Voltage Selector Switch

  • Six High-Voltage Output Ports

  • Integral Building Automation System (BAS) Alarm Contacts

  • Illuminated On/Off Switch

  • Plasma on Indication Light

  • UL 2998 Ozone-Free

  • Health Care

  • Schools & Universities

  • Office Buildings


Modular Needlepoint Bipolar Ionization Air Purification System

Boston Children's Hospital

Fume and odor removal within 48 hours

Generic O2Prime Presentation

The danger of Airborne Particles

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