About Genano

With patented Genano® technology, Genano manufacture air decontamination devices, that can filter as small as 3 nanometer sized particles from indoor air. As indoor air impurities are captured into the unit, all particles and living microbes, such as viruses and bacteria, are eliminated, resulting in increased health and well-being of staff, patients and customers. With the active carbon filter, the Genano air decontamination units also remove harmful gaseous compounds and smells. The units maintain constant high purification performance as there are no easily clogged, replaceable fiber filters and the units have an automatic self washing system.

Genano 5250A

is the most advanced and modern air purifier

Genano 310

An air purification device designed to provide safe and clean indoor air 

Intelligent Air Quality

Eliminates 99,999% of airborne microbes – viruses, bacteria, mold spores.

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