About E-AT

E-AT has many years of experience in cleaning, sealing and coating ventilation shafts and technical installations and a staff of extremely knowledgeable technical specialists ready to assist you. We work through partners and help deliver high-end solutions to your costumers.

Our solution has been tested by The Danish Institute of Fire and Security (DBI) and is developed in cooperation with Technological Institute (TI), as part of a EUPD project focusing on energy efficient solutions for residential buildings.

We are a privately-owned company based in Copenhagen, Denmark. With a clear strategic focus on three core growth areas: Offshore and maritime, production facilities, residential buildings and office space

Our coatings and robots undergo constant research, development and testing to ensure top performance and unique value.

Coating and sealants

The coating seals leaking ducts so that less energy is wasted on leaky systems


ECO dust finder ™ is a cleaning robot specially designed for use in ventilation.

Testing and training

Join one of our training programs and learn how to use our products

End-costumer process

We inspect. Before cleaning we inspect the duct system. This gives us the information we need to make sure we know the layout and challenges.

We clean. ECO-dust-finder™ clean the surface, making sure it is free of dust, dirt, rust and other conditions that might adversely affect adhesion to the substrate. The specially designed technical cleaning brushes enables the robot to deliver high performance.

We inspect. Before coating we check to make sure the surfaces are clean and ready for coating.

We coat. Coating inside ventilation ducts requires specialized equipment to achieve accurate and consistent quality. E-AT have a range of coatings to choose from and for application we use coating brushes designed for working in most of the popular application robots

We document. To ensure high quality work and prevent misunderstandings, we have developed a quality assurance system, that allow us to ensure an effective process from order placement to delivery



  • Developing sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions for renovating ventilations shafts and fire resistant proofing for the benefit of the contractor and end user.

  • Being global leader by applying cutting-edge technology and robotics with sophisticated chemical and nano solutions creating unique value propositions for all stakeholders.

  • Building unique competences and core capabilities within the E&C, EPC and Offshore industry through partnerships.
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