Cabin Units
HPB Cabin Unit

HPB is a Cabin Unit specially designed for use in high pressure systems where high flexibility has to be combined with minimum installation space. An internal scale makes it possible to preadjust the flow in order to minimize commissioning costs and document settings.

The matching diffuser HPBDC allows the user to adjust the flow within a preadjusted range.

  • Adjustable damper with scale for required flowlevelsetting.
  • Low noise level even at pressure above 1000 Pa.
  • Flow range from 50 to 350 m3/h.
  • Easy mounting with prefitted brackets.
  • Excellent air distribution.
  • Diffuser and box inlet fitted with Lindab Safe rubber gasket for perfect tightness.
  • User adjustable flow within the min./max. flow range.
  • Adjustable mounting of diffuser for perfect fitting in ceiling.
  • Low weight.
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