Together with Lindab we  improve indoor air quality and human health!

Our business concept is Service, manufacturing, market and distribute Eco-friendly & Sustainable products and system solutions for indoor climate. High quality products characterised by innovation, energy efficiency and environmentally-friendly.
Dennis Christensen

Dantech Air Technology is owned & operated by Dantech Group, an international Group that services, manufactures, markets & distributes the most Eco-friendly & Innovative indoor climate solutions available within the United States & the Bahamas.

We are driven by a strong passion for the environment and for Sustainable products & solutions. 

That´s why We are proud to be the #1 distributor of Lindab indoor climate products & solutions within the United States & the Bahamas.             

All  indoor climate products & solutions are developed by Lindab  with the environment in mind, and are characterised by high quality, easy assembly, energy efficiency/Eco-friendly and sustainability.

We have a passion for indoor air. Why you may wonder? From the very first moment in life we need air. We start life taking a deep breath of air and from that very moment we are dependant on it – for life, health and well being. 

Nowadays we spend more than 90% of our time indoors. That’s equal to 21.6 hours each day, and on average 628 992 hours in a life time

Seeing it from another perspective we spend 58 years of our life at home – and 27 of those years are spent in the bedroom.

To add on more perspectives, you breathe around 8 to 10 liters of air every minute. Normally, you breathe 6 liters of air per minute when you rest, and around 100 liters when you work out.

With those perspectives in mind, it’s actually so that indoor air can be up to 5 times more polluted than outside air. And clean air is the foundation for life. And for staying healthy and productive. That’s why we have a passion for improving indoor air.

Together we will improve indoor air quality and human health!

Air pollution is one of the biggest global environmental and health challenges of all time.

In fact indoor air can be up to five times as polluted as outdoor air. This means that we are at higher risk of suffering from asthma and other respiratory diseases if we stay in buildings with poor air quality. What’s worse is that children are even more sensitive.
We want to change this.

We experiment with technology, products, concepts and business models. This, to find sustainable game-changers for people’s health, performance and productivity.

To be successful we believe that open collaboration, inclusion, commitment and attitude are the basic ingredients. Together we will challenge existing attitudes, and present new insights that give us healthier, and above all a more sustainable indoor environment for everyone.

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